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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we typically get most from first-time customers. If you have a question not currently listed call or email us and we’ll be happy to answer it for you!


What is Vital Oxide?

One product, Seven Solutions. Vital Oxide is an EPA registered hospital disinfectant cleaner that kills Bacteria, Viruses, Mold, Mildew and is a super effective odor eliminator.

Does Vital oxide Kill COVID-19 on surfaces?

According to the WHO (World Health Organization) if you think a surface or surfaces may be infected with COVID-19 clean it with a disinfectant to kill the virus in order to protect yourself and others . Taking preventive measures is the most effective way to ensure healthy environment even when there is not high threat to the public.

Vital oxide is a hospital-grade a disinfectant.

What does electrostatic mean?

Electrostatic is based on the principle that opposite charges attract and like charges repel. Two positively charged things will repel each other. Using this natural electrostatic phenomenon, Victory has developed a patented breakthrough cordless application technology.

The Victory Innovations Cordless Electrostatic System places a positive charge on the liquid before entering the nozzle allowing the maximum levels of liquid to be charged and sprayed at negatively charged surfaces (most surfaces are either negative or neutral) allowing for a more complete coverage of the targeted surface.

How often should my facility or home be disinfected?

Once we disinfect a facility or home, It typically depends on the amount of general public or traffic that goes and come at your location. The solution we use kills 99.999% of bacteria and virus. We do recommend weekly services in highly populated location or if you have large social gatherings at your home. In contrast we especially recommend education, employer facilities, were surfaces and objects are handled often.

What surfaces are you able to treat?

EcoSterilize is able to treat all hard nonporous surfaces. Upholstery, fabrics and carpets may be treated but may require specialized applications. Contact Eco Sterilize about upholstery treatments.

Do you guarantee that our surfaces are disinfected?

We guarantee that all hard, non-porous surfaces are disinfected/ sterilized at the time of treatment. As with any cleaning, routine treatments are recommended to adequately maintain surfaces disinfection/sterilization.

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