What is dry steam?

Dry steam, also known as saturated steam, is produced by heating water in a closed chamber. Dry steam is the gaseous form of water that is able to carry heat and can travel around obstacles and reach areas that wet steamcannot.

What are the benefits of Dry steam Cleaning

  • improve health, safety and overall appearance of facility.
  • reduce exposure to chemicals
  • eliminate unpleasant odors.
  • improve indoor air quality.
  • reduce dirt and dust particles in the air
  • ensure clean, dry and safe environment

How long does it take for Dry steam to dry?

Dry steam uses less water and less pressure at a higher temperature, because of this the steam drys on average between 10-20mins.

Can you wash my entire vehicle inside and out with just steam?

Yes we can wash your entire vehicle with just dry steam, traditional car washing with just a garden hose uses about 10 gallons per min it takes about 10-15 mins to wash an exterior that means you are using 100-150 gallons by the time you are done with the exterior. Dry steam detailing uses 2-4 gallons per hour, virtually leaving no waste on the ground. While using just water and very little solution for stubborn stains.

Is dry steam cleaning safe on my paint?

Yes dry steam is not only safe on paint and upholstery but we are disinfecting the surfaces as we clean.

What Can We Clean?

Auto Detailing

Disinfecting (2 stage process)


Bed Bug removal

Grout cleaning

Graffiti Removal

Decal removal

Patio furniture

Commercial Kitchen appliances

Mold and mildew treatment

Benefits of Our Service

Cost Efficient

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